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A small little improvement to your testflow

Last weekend my company Squeed hosted an internal hackathon were we had the opportunity to meet up, exchange experiences and code together! During the hack we talked a bit about testing in Java and how nice it would be to have instant confirmation about the status of your tests. None of the participants in the discussion had such a setup today, so I went on an adventure all the way to the almighty Google and found this: https://infinitest.github.io/

Infinitest allows you to continously run your tests while refactoring/developing in your source code. It has plugins for both eclipse and IntelliJ, though I’ve only tried it out with IntelliJ. The installation was a breeze since you could simply use the plugin-manager to install it and then activate it by adding it as a facet to your project. You might want to activate “Make project automatically” (Settings -> Compiler) to get maximum sweetness out of the plugin

I have not used it much and I tried it out on a small repository but it seems promising. It’s definitely worth trying out and at least to keep on your radar.

Happy TDD:ing!